Adam Shield is a Glasgow based artist. This is his blog where he posts work-in-progress and ideas. You can see more of his work here.

Working On

• A collection of poetry from Fred Yeast.

• A website for myself

• A collaborative project with Tom Whittle.

•A collection of drawings with Anna Brass.

Getting the space ready for the launch of our publication on thursday, details are here: symbl-01.com. 

29th January 2012

The Head of Edvard Munch as a Monumental Sculpture on the Body Strewn Beach at Warnemünde.
36 x 29 cm

4th December 2011

My new studio at SWG3. It’s cold but nice and big.

1st December 2011

7 Notes

One of my photographs got picked for Central Station’s 50 artists in 50 days, a series to promote their relaunch. I’m not really sure why but they picked a photograph I took of my very bad attempt at making a James Hyde-type tape sculpture. You can see it here.

28th November 2011

Edvard Munch and Rosa Meissner confront their spectral selves on a body strewn beach at Warnemünde.
23 x 22 cm

25th November 2011

30 Sculptures

21st September 2011

I really mean it.

25th August 2011

19th August 2011

17th August 2011

I’m making a zine of drawings and a few photos called The Bowling Club. Coming soon.

14th August 2011