Adam Shield is a Glasgow based artist. This is his blog where he posts work-in-progress and ideas. You can see more of his work here.

Working On

• A collection of poetry from Fred Yeast.

• A website for myself

• A collaborative project with Tom Whittle.

•A collection of drawings with Anna Brass.

Notebook page, coloured pencil on paper, 2013.

17th June 2013

19th February 2013

Holidays 1 & Holidays 2 

6th January 2013

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Some pages from my notebook. 

25th July 2012

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Exercise Books is a collection of some recent watercolours and drawings. Details:

B & W,
24 Pages + Cover,
1st Edition of 25.

You can buy it here.  If you order in the next week, I’ll post it to you from Germany, with a free print/drawing. 

11th June 2012

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SYMBL - 02 
Coming soon 

11th March 2012

Drawings for a project that eventually became Freelance Thanks.

21st November 2011

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A few more pages.

11th October 2011

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A few pages from my notebook.

10th October 2011

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30 Sculptures

21st September 2011